Grand Junction Climbing Center (GJCC) is a family oriented climbing gym where people of all ages and abilities can come to learn and/or hone their skills as climbers as well as meet and socialize with other members of the local climbing community.  Our staff is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. The climbing gym has been a staple of the local climbing community for over 17 years now.  It is the largest climbing gym in all of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah with over 5600 sq. ft. of climbing space, 11 top ropes, two bouldering caves and a large bouldering area, there is enough to  challenge people of all ability levels from those who have never climbed before to professional rock climbers.  Our staff takes a low pressure, high encouragement approach to helping everyone that comes to our gym accomplish their goals.

NOTE: Everyone who wants climb at GJCC needs to sign a waiver. Minors need to have the waiver signed by their parents. Waivers are available at the gym, or you can download and print the waiver from our Waiver page.
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Randall Chapman,
May 23, 2010, 12:31 PM